Porcelain and Gold Dental Crowns

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Dr DiGiulio, a Bend dentist has been placing crowns for over sixteen years. She has hundreds, if not thousands, of satisfied patients who would not hesitate to recommend her to you. Please see our testimonial page. Crowns are dental restorations also known as “caps” which are specialized coverings that fit over teeth. Crowns may be needed because of broken fillings, fractured, chipped or sensitive teeth. Crowns are also used to improve the appearance of natural teeth that are mis-shaped, mis-aligned or discolored.

Dr DiGiulio states that Dental Crowns are sometimes made of gold or natural looking porcelain. They are manufactured to improve your smile and to naturally blend in with your own teeth.

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This is How it Works.

Reasons for a Dental Crown

1. A previously filled tooth where there is more filling than tooth. More filling than tooth weakens the tooth. The existing tooth structure becomes weakened and can no longer support the filling.

2. Decay Damage.

3. Discolorations and UN-appealing esthetics.

4. Fractured teeth

5. After a Root canal – After a root canal, teeth tend to become brittle and are at a higher risk for fracture. These type of teeth should be protected by a crown.

6. Bridges – When missing teeth are replaced with a bridge, the adjacent teeth require crowns in order to support the replacement teeth.

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Crowns fortify and protect the remaining tooth structure and can improve the aesthetics of your teeth. Crowns can be made from different materials like the full porcelain crown, the porcelain fused-to-metal crown and the all-metal crown. You and Dr DiGiulio, a dentist in Bend, Oregon will decide which type is best for you. This will ultimately depend upon the strength requirements and aesthetic concerns of the involved tooth.

Fitting a crown usually requires two appointments. During your first appointment, the tooth is prepared for the crown, an impression is made of the tooth, and a temporary crown is placed over the prepped tooth. At the next visit, the temporary crown is removed and the final crown is fitted and cemented into place.

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First Appointment

The first visit begins by Dr DiGiulio giving you a local anesthetic. Depending upon the type of local anesthetic, you can expect to be numb for one to three hours. If your anesthesia lasts longer, do not be concerned. Not everyone reacts to medication the same way.

A word of caution : While you are numb, please do not to bite your lip or tongue. A soft diet while you are numb a good idea. If your child is the patient,  monitor them carefully so they do not play with their tongue or lip while it is numb.

Once you are numb, Dr DiGiulio, a Bend family dentist, will prepare your tooth in a very specific way in order to maximize the proper fit and aesthetics of your new crown. After the tooth is fully prepped, She then proceeds with the impression stage. She uses a thin string of retraction cord which is placed around your tooth in order to get the impression material under the gingiva where the crown ends. This small piece of cord will be removed prior to the end of your appointment. If you need dental crown and bridge, and would like to visit with Dr DiGiulo in her Bend, Oregon dental office, please call 541.389.2885 for an appointment.

Should you nave discomfort you can take  Tylenol™, Advil™, Anacin™ as long as you are not allergic or there is no medical contraindication. Generally, you can take anything you would normally take for a headache. If the discomfort persists, please call Dr DiGiulio @ 541.389.2885.

Bend Crown Dentist

Bend Crown Dentist


Once she finishes the impression stage, she will place a temporary crown on your tooth. These acrylic restorations are placed on teeth to protect them and the surrounding tissues between your dental appointments. The temporary cementing compound used allows the simple removal of the temporary crown at your next visit.

There are a couple of additional facts Dr DiGiulio wants you to you  know about the care of your temporary crown:

• Excellent dental hygiene is extremely important while your temporary crown is in place. The health of your gum tissue and the success of your final treatment restoration depends upon it!PLEASE clean your caped teeth between your visits. With a minimal amount of hygiene, you can maintain the health of your teeth and gingiva during the time required to make your new crown.

  • Sometimes, even with meticulous care, temporary crowns or bridges may become loose between visits. If this should occur, please place the temporary crown or bridge back on your tooth immediately. Putting a drop of Vaseline™ or toothpaste in the temporary crown or bridge will increase the retention and hold the temporary in place until your next appointment.
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Finished Product


REMEMBER, REPLACING THE TEMPORARY  PORCELAIN OR GOLD DENTAL CROWN IS VERY IMPORTANT ! It only takes a short time for teeth to shift out of position if the temporary is not put back into its proper position. This could affect the final restoration.

If you can not replace the temporary crown yourself, put it in a safe place and call Dr DiGiulio @ 541.389.2885. She will be happy to re-cement it for you ASAP.

Second Appointment

Now the temporary crown is removed. Dr DiGiulio will fit the final crown, adjust for any bite discrepancies, and evaluate the aesthetics. If these items are acceptable, the porcelain or gold crown is permanently cemented to your tooth. It is usual for the new crowned tooth to be sensitive to cold or hot temperatures for a few weeks. However, if the sensitivity is severe, does not subside contact Dr DiGiulio. Sometimes additional adjustments to the crown may be necessary. If you would like to visit with a Bend dentist like Dr DiGiulo, please call 541.389.2885 for an appointment.

Dr DiGiulio hopes that this brief description will answer most of your questions regarding crowns. If you have additional questions e-mail them to BendDentist@Gmail.com


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