Bend Family Dentistry

July 15, 2016

Bend Family Dentistry

Regardless of whether a patient has relocated to a new neighborhood or whether they are simply dissatisfied with their current dentist, finding a reliable and affordable replacement can be a challenging process. However, here at our Bend family dentistry practice, we pride ourselves in being able to provide both new and existing oral care patients with the very best level of dental service possible.

A Wide Range of Services
Our highly qualified and experienced team of Bend family dentists is able to provide families with an extensive range of oral care services. These include, but may not be limited to, annual checkups, cavity filling, plaque and tartar removal, professional cleaning, dental implants, denture sets and even braces. This ensures that our Bend family dentistry practice is able to cater for family members of all ages – regardless of how few or how many teeth they may have! Each family member will be treated with utmost respect and all work will be explained in detail before being carried out. This is especially important in cases where young children are concerned.

Scheduling Regular Checkups
Many oral care patients do not realize just how important it is to schedule a proper dental checkup at least once a year – instead, many only arrive at our Bend family dentistry practice when they notice that there is something wrong such as toothache or large cavities. However, having regular checkups performed will not only enable patients to keep their teeth strong and healthy for as long as possible; it will ensure that any potential dental problems are noticed and attended to before they become too serious to address. Having regular professional cleaning performed will also help prevent the onset of cavities – especially in between the teeth.

What to Expect
When scheduling an appointment at our Bend family dentistry practice, one of our professional dentists will take the time to thoroughly inspect a patient’s teeth and gums to check for any signs of cavities, tooth damage or even gum disease. In most cases, a full cleaning and de-scaling procedure will also be performed to ensure that there is no hard plaque or tartar remaining between any teeth. Children will normally also be given a fluoride treatment, which will help keep their teeth strong and healthy by preventing cavities from forming. It is recommended that children of all ages have routine dental checkups performed every 6 months to ensure that their teeth are forming correctly.

Bend Family Dentists

Scheduling Appointments
In order to ensure that we offer our Bend family dentistry patients the very best level of service possible, we strongly recommend that prior appointments be made – regardless of whether it is for a routine checkup or whether additional dental work needs to be performed. This will help our team of dentist to prepare ahead of time and it will also ensure that the patient does not have to wait any longer than necessary to see one of our Bend family dentistry specialists. In many cases, it will help parents to plan ahead to take children out of school or take time off from the office if necessary as well.

Emergency Treatments
Here at our Bend family dentistry practice, we are well aware of the fact that dental emergencies such as chipped or broken teeth and toothache can happen at any time. As a result, we are more than willing and able to accommodate emergency dentist visits, especially in cases where children are concerned. Although appointments will normally not need to be made in case of a dental emergency, it is strongly recommended that patients call ahead while on their way in to our surgery to ensure that they dentist can be prepared to receive them and address the issue as quickly as possible.

Payment for Services
Here at our Bend family dentistry practice, we do our absolute best to ensure that our dental services and treatments remain as affordable as possible. We are able to accept all major forms of dental health insurance as payment. Patients who simply cannot afford the high cost of having dental insurance are more than welcome to pay by cash or any major credit card. In the event of a patient’s treatment costing a lot more than what has been budgeted for, he or she can speak with us to see if some form of payment plan can be arranged to help cover costs.

Each employee at our Bend family dentistry practice will ensure that all of our patients receive the treatment they need. Patients who need to have dental work performed should schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible.

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