Delicate Dental Services

Dr DiGiulio prides herself on providing near painless dentistry by utilizing gentle and kind dental techniques. Her gentle approach has won her many fans, but great hands and needle technique are not enough. Most advanced gentle dentistry groups use very small caliber needles, the smaller the less pain producing surface area. (Also, the sharper the less pain) So a gentle dentistry group will keep excellent maintenance of their dental equipment ensuring that all are state-0f-the-art, clinically tested, and patient approved.

gentle bend dentist

Finally, a┬ákind dentist must have a command of oral, head, and neck anatomy. This is helpful during more involved procedures and with the delivery of anesthesia. Knowing the location and distribution of important facial nerves helps the gentle dentist locate and anesthetize the correct nerve. If you are looking for a gentle dentistry office, call Dr DiGiulio 541.389.2885…No Tears, We Promise.

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