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How to Find a Dentist?

If you or a family member need to find a dentist, there are a few items to consider.In order to find a dentist, you will first need to consider a number of factors. First you must determine your dental needs. Do want to find a dentist that can take care of the entire family, including children? If your child has a special dental condition, you may want them to see a pediatric dentist. Or, maybe you are looking for a Bend cosmetic dentist to change the aesthetics of your teeth and smile. If this is the case, then you will want to find a dentist that is competent and experienced with these types of procedures. If your dental situation is complicated you may require a general dentist in order to conduct and coordinate your care. This is often accomplished by referring you to various dental specialists, as the need arises, throughout the course of your dental care. Take the time to evaluate your and you’re family’s needs so that the appropriate dentist can be selected. Most people choose a family or general dentist, in that they can take care of care of 90-95% of the family’s dental requirements.

Once on the type of dentist you and your family requires, the next step to find a dentist will be for you to consider your financial situation. Do you have cash to spend on your dental treatments, are you covered by dental insurance, will you finance your dental treatment plan, or will you employ a combination of the aforementioned? Regardless of your own personal financial situation you will want to find a dentist that is prepared to work with your unique circumstances. If you have dental insurance make sure that your dentist participates. If you are going to put the charges on a credit card, be sure that your dentist accepts the card that you have in mind. If you need to finance your dental care, ask your dentist about the financing options are available in his or her dental office.

Now that you have decided on what type of dentist and how you will pay for your care it is time to attempt to evaluate the proposed dentist’s experience and competence. This is very difficult to do. We all assume a certain level of competence from all dental professionals. After all it is a requirement to not only go to college but finish 4 years of dental school, pass all of the required examinations, and obtain a state dental license in addition to a drug enforcement agency licensed in order to prescribe controlled substances. This is no easy task. I think it is fair to assume that if someone is able to get through these challenges, then there is at least a common baseline of knowledge and competence. Other things worthy of your consideration would be the following:

1.    Professional Reputation: In order to find a dentist, ask your family doctor, obstetrician, or another physician who their dentist is. Like any industry, those with inside information sometimes have a better idea of who can provide quality care. Another option is to ask a dental specialist like an orthodontist. An orthodontist is a dental specialist that corrects the alignment people’s teeth. These individuals get to see a wide variety of their communities’ dentist’s work, quality, and ability. Often, they are ideal individuals to render an opinion on a dentists work and reputation.

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2.    Education, Training, and Continuing Dental Education: In your attempt tofind a dentist, it is not unreasonable to question your dental professional in order to find what undergraduate school in addition to what dental school they graduated from. Also ask what additional training they have undertaken.  Many competent and experienced dentists choose to further education after dental school by attending a dental residency. There are different types of residencies; some are designed to teach the dentist a specialty, like orthodontics, endodontics, pedo-dontics. Other dental residencies will increase the practitioners understanding and competence of general and family dentistry. Also all dentists licensed by a particular state are required to attend a certain number of continuing dental education courses. One would want to be certain that your new dentist is serious about keeping current and is up-to-date with their continuing dental education credits.

3.    Professional Licensing Authorities: In your pursue to find a dentist, check with your state dental board to see whether or not there have been any disciplinary actions taking against the dentist you are planning to choose. Has his license been suspended, revoked, or otherwise limited? Is the dentist board certified?

The final concept to be considered when attempting to find a dentist is style and personality match. This is an important and often overlooked aspect of doctor-patient relationships. Have you ever met someone who raved about a particular person, and after you met that “special” person, you are left completely underwhelmed and unimpressed? But, the problem is you generally trust and respect the referring individual’s opinion, and are perplexed as to why such a disconnect could have occurred. The answer as to why you both can come to completely different opinions is often due to a clash of style and personality. You are not everyone’s cup of tea, and neither are they necessarily yours either. So, you really won’t know if you have a match until you have real experience interacting with the dentist. One way to test the waters is to ask if the dentist offers patients the ability to interview them, like a meet and greet. Is the dentist involved in the community and if so can you casually meet them through a common acquaintance. Does the dentist have an open house that you can attend? You can also make an appointment and give it the old college try. But at the end of the day you will want a dentist that you trust and can communicate with on a regular basis and personality match is crucial.

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If there was only one tool to find a dentist, I would suggest word of mouth. Web sites, direct mail, television ads, Facebook, telephone solicitation, and newspaper and magazine ads can all be purchased if you have currency. There is no currency that can buy word of mouth advertising, the kind of honest and from the heart recommendation that comes from real patients. The fact that it can’t be purchased is what makes word of mouth recommendations priceless.

How should you choose a Good Dentist?

Your tooth condition and overall oral health can have an affect on your complete health in general. Choosing a Bend Oregon dentist is as important as choosing a physician. The first thing you should consider is if the Bend OR dentist is accessible to your place of work or home. How easy is it to make an appointment with the local dentist? And how far ahead must appointments be made and what is his waiting list like? Have a look at the office itself. Is it tidy and clean, and is the staff friendly and cheerful?

An important factor when choosing a Bend cosmetic dentist or a Bend Implant dentist is how much of your dentistry procedures she will carry out, and how much will be left to a hygienist. Will the Bend family dentist give you options for procedures and a financial breakdown? Does the office staff at the  take an adequate detailed health check? Are there emergency appointments available and is there someone available to take after hour’s calls in the case of an emergency?

It would be expected that when you do find a dentist he will make sure that x-rays of the mouth are taken and that he has talked to you about any health issues you may have. A detailed but gentle dental examination should be carried out, as well as a general check of the face and neck. Any pertinent information will need to be input onto the patients’ chart, and any subsequent treatment discussed.

There are numerous specialist areas in dentistry, and the one you choose should have a good experience of things like gum disease or root canal work, as well as problems with porcelain veneers, tooth pain and tooth ache or even a chipped tooth. You should also find out if the dentist is experienced with children or patients who are anxious or fearful.

It is worth realizing that a dentist who uses very high-tech and expensive equipment might charge a high price for dental work, or he may specialize in more unusual dentistry such as dental implants, as well as the more mundane such as replacing a crown. If the dentist recommends that all your fillings are replaced, or if he sells items that are not oral health related, then a red flag should go up. You should also be wary of a dentist who specializes in backache and headache or one who states that any pains or aches you are experiencing in other parts of the body are related to a problem within your mouth.

A preliminary visit should always be made when you have a new dentist. Any questions or queries you may have concerning the dentist and her practices can be asked at that time. It is also a good opportunity to ask about any pain after dental work and how the worked on tooth looks. Questions about if fillings will be polished, or concerns about sensitivity to hot or cold drinks can also be asked. Was any debris left in the cavity and was the cavity flushed out, are also common concerns. A dentist who is attentive and who wants his patients to be as comfortable as possible will be happy to discuss worries with you, as he wants you to be in a better condition when you leave than you were when you first got arrived.

If you need to find a dentist, there are a number of factors that will influence the overall success of your choice. The most difficult part of finding a dentist is finding one that has a personality and personal style that will mesh with your own. There is no way to calculate, predict, or influence the presence or absence of chemistry. You will have to find a dentist and do your best in the selection process and, unfortunately, hope for the best. Aside from a good personality match, there are things you can do to ensure your choice will be the best possible for you and your family.

Find a Bend Dentist

First, to find a dentist that your entire family likes is a challenge, but start by asking friends, family, neighbors, church members, and co-workers for a recommendation. There is nothing better than a personal recommendation, and if more than one independent suggestion points to a particular dentist or group, this increases your chances of a successful selection. When someone suggests a particular local dentist, ask them what they like about the dentistbend family dentist. you may find you and your recommend-er have a lot ,or it may be the case very little, in common. Also, when trying to find a dentist, ask other professionals for their opinion. Inside information is usually more valuable than outside information, and if your family doctor and your neighbor both recommend the same dentist, chances are that you are on the right track whether you are trying to find a Bend implant dentist, BEND family dentist, or Bend Cosmetic Dentist.

Next, if you are searching for a local dentist for the entire family, you will want a general of family dentist. Preferable choose one that invested the extra time and energy by attending a dental residency. These are post graduate dental training programs that afford the dentist additional time and training to obtain real life experience. These can be invaluable in terms of preparing the dentist with a solid foundation for a future in the dental sciences.Ask the dentist if she or he did a dental residency. Also, when attempting to find a dentist, ask if the office offers an tour or initial visit which will afford you an opportunity to tour the facility and meet the doctor and her staff. If you want to learn more on how to find a dentist, go to our web page Find a Dentist.


Finding a Good Bend Dentist


Finding a reputable Bend Dentist is quite easy. There are several professionals in Bend that area are considered experts in the dental field. Dr Yoli Di Giulio, who graduated from Temple University Dental School with high honors, is ready and willing to help you and your family maintain excellent dental health. She is gentle, kind, affordable and highly qualified to provide you with comprehensive dental care including dental implants, cleanings, crown and bridge work, root canal, bonding to fix chipped/broken teeth and much more.

Dental care is just as important as medical care and people deserve to be provided with the best care from their dentists. Many a Bend dentist, including Dr Di Giulio, are committed to continual education and professional development which allows her to provide you with the most up to date information and techniques to keep your experience as pain free as possible while providing you with state of the art dental care.

Finding a good Bend dentist is also easy due large in part to the accessibility of the internet. Anyone can search for the nearest dental clinic in their area and they are sure to be provided with the best dental services this side of America. People can check out the ratings of each dental clinic in the area to see which one provides the best dental health services. Most of the dentists here have their own websites so by simply visiting their sites one can deduce if this dentist has the necessary equipment and experience to provide the best dental services.

So for those who are searching for a good Bend dentist, call 541-389-2885 today. We Are Dedicated To Your Smile !!

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