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Dr Di Giulio lives, works, and plays in Bend, Oregon. Her Bend dental office is located on the west side off of 14th street near the village baker, Baltazars, and fly and field. Dr Di Giulio practices general, cosmetic, and implant dentist. Bend is located in the high desert region of Oregon. Bend’s population is approximately 80,000  and is at an altitude of 3,625 feet. Bend covers 32 square miles and is surrounded by US Forest.



As a Bend Dentist, Dr Di Giulio enjoys hiking, camping, fishing and skiing during her off time. If you need to find a bend dentist, call 541.389.2885. There are quite a few general dentists in the area, but very few female dentists. Dr Di Giulio is one of very few female Bend Dentists.  She was awarded Temple University School of Dentistry’s Outstanding Female Dentist Awards during her senior year. Dr Di Giulio also speaks English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

 Choosing the Best Bend Cosmetic Dentist for a Smile Make-Over

Many people take their smile for granted, but when yours isn’t as beautiful as you think it should be, it can really zap your self-confidence. A smile make-over performed by Cornerstone Family Dentistry can remedy the problem and make your smile bright and beautiful.

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What is a Smile Make-Over?
A smile make-over is slightly different from a full mouth restoration because typically a smile make-over isn’t considered medically necessary. You might not have any serious dental problems like tooth decay, broken teeth, or damaged teeth. However, your smile may not be the smile you want; your teeth might be smaller than they should, crooked, or discolored. A smile make-over creates the smile you’ve always wanted, with straight, beautiful and white teeth that create a bright smile.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Smile Make-Over?
Individuals with overall good dental health but with a smile that is not as attractive as they would like are good candidates for a smile make-over. A really well trained and highly experienced Bend Dentist can help. Problems might include discoloration from diet or medication, teeth that aren’t proportionate to the face, crooked teeth from crowding, or other superficial issues. A smile-make over can transform the way a patient feels about himself or herself, and really help them obtain the smile they want. Many Hollywood actors and actresses as well as other public figures take advantage of smile make-overs to feel better about their smiles. Call Cornerstone Family Dentistry for more information.

What is Involved in the Process of a Smile-Makeover?
A smile make-over typically requires the use of veneers, which are layers of porcelain or other composite material that are created to look like teeth, and then affixed to the patient’s real teeth. Veneers can be shaped to create the smile the patient desires. In some cases, teeth whitening, dental implants, crowns and caps are also used to perform a smile make-over for the patient. In the end, the teeth look white, uniform, and are appropriate in size for the patient’s face.

What is the Cost of a Smile Make-Over?
The cost of a smile make-over is directly dependent upon what types of procedures need to be done, and the patient’s particular situation. Less work will be less expensive, so it’s important that you obtain a consultation from a qualified cosmetic dentist in order to determine the approximate cost. That said, the procedure can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Some types of insurance cover cosmetic dental work like smile make-overs, so it’s important to check this with your dental insurance company.

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Benefits of a Smile Make-Over
There are many benefits of a smile make-over, but the most important benefit is the way a person feels after having a smile make-over. It helps improve self-confidence and allows individuals to be comfortable with the way they look. This is especially important for anyone who works with other people or those who are often in the public eye. While self-esteem and confidence are the biggest benefit, dental health can also be better maintained in some cases after a smile make-over.

Overall, the whole process is beneficial and can be easily handled by a qualified Bend dentist. With a little research and a consultation, individuals can more easily understand how a smile make-over works.

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