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February 13, 2016

Bend Dentist


When questioned, most people state that one of their biggest fears in life involves visiting a Bend dentist for any reason – even if it is only to have a basic checkup performed. The main reason for this is that these visits are usually associated with nothing more than pain and discomfort – both in the physical and financial sense in many cases! However, patients who visit our Bend dentist are usually pleasantly surprised to find that this is not always the case.

Wide Range of Dental Services

Many people think that dentists perform fillings, extractions and cleanings only. However, this is not the case when visiting a Bend dentist, as he or she is not only able to perform these services; a host of other oral care services can usually be provided as well. These can include, but may not be limited to tooth repairs, providing denture sets, denture plates and bridge sets to replace missing teeth. In cases where an alternative solution is required for broken or missing teeth, dental implants in Bend Oregon can be provided as well. These days, patients are spoiled for choice when it comes to taking care of their teeth – especially where Bend Oregon dental implant services are concerned.

Checkups and Dental Cleanings

As with many other forms of medical care and treatment, many patients are in the habit of only visiting a bend dentist when they encounter a problem such as toothache, broken teeth or excessively bad breath – even after brushing. This is not the right thing to do, as in many cases, these problems are only then noticed when it is too late to try and save the affected teeth. When this happens, extraction is usually the only option, after which the patient will have to decide whether to replace the affected teeth with dentures, bridge sets or implants. As a result, it is recommended that patients visit a Bend dentist every 6 months to have dental cleanings and checkups performed.

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Teeth Whitening Options

Many patients feel embarrassed about the fact that they have teeth that are badly stained and discolored as a result of excessive caffeine consumption or long years of smoking. This need not be the case any longer though, as a Bend dentist will be able to provide patients like these with various teeth whitening options. In many cases, the teeth whitening procedures can be performed in a dentist’s consultation rooms. Some of these procedures may require that patients perform a few follow up treatments at home to complete the process; however, in cases like these, patients will be provided with a full set of instructions that will need to be carefully followed to get the best results.

Children and Dentistry

In order to ensure that children keep their teeth strong and healthy for as long as possible, it is essential for parents to schedule regular dental checkups for them. It is also important to prepare children ahead of time for their visits to a dentist, so that they know that there is nothing for them to be afraid of. When visiting our Bend dentist, he or she will ensure that your child is as comfortable as possible before performing any dental work. Everything will be carefully explained beforehand as well. Very young children who need to have dental work performed may need to be put under anesthesia; however, this, along with the treatment plan, will be discussed well in advance.

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Covering the Cost of Dental Work

As most patients know, having any form of work carried out by a Bend dentist can be an expensive experience – especially when it comes to fillings, extractions and implants. While most Bend dentist practices are able to accept payment by means of dental insurance, others may require that patients pay them upfront and then claim from their dental insurance themselves. In cases like this, acceptable forms of payment will normally include cash and credit cards. If a patient’s dental bill is substantially larger than he or she has initially budgeted for, it may sometimes be possible to work out a payment plan whereby a specified amount is repaid each month until the bill is fully paid up.
Patients who may have recently moved to the area and who have not yet found a Bend dentist or who may be dissatisfied with their current dental service provider should contact us as soon as possible to schedule a consultation with us. As we are a family-friendly dental practice, we are able to assist patients of all ages.

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